News - Eveline Kotai wins Blake Price 2012


This "field of contemplation" was made by methodically cutting up hand-written Buddhist mantras into tiny pieces. Kotai then carefully stitches them back together onto the canvas panels of the triptych.

This poetic artwork can be read as a "universal text" according to Kotai, which is not specific to a single religion. "I have created this work by combining my Buddhist practice with my artistic practice. Three different mantras are repeatedly written, then cut while saying each mantra, and re-cut and re-sewn while saying each mantra. Its a meditative ritual to generate mindfulness and compassion.

Eveline Kotai is based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Over the past 30 years her work has evolved out of an interest in the impermanent nature of all things - into a mirroring of this via a process of material regeneration. Pre-existing paintings are cut and sewn and sometimes repainted, and the unfurling of these new configurations suggests a continuum that invites the eye to look everywhere and nowhere at once. 

"I like to work simultaneously on an array of different pieces, with no precise idea of a final image. Each stage is a visual response to the last, and despite the many variations that materialize, the final version emerges as part of a continuous whole - arising instinctively, rather than constrained by a fixed vision".  Eveline Kotai


Eveline Kotai Joint Blake Price Winner 2012

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Eveline Kotai - Joint Blake Pricer Winner 2012

EVELINE KOTAI, Writing on Air - Mantra, Triptych, 2012, Paint marker on canvas and nylon thread on linen, 120 x 290 cm, $ 21.000